Subdivision Overview

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Bradford Place is a small subdivision that comprises 153 homes and two homes that are not part of Bradford Place but use our entrance for access.  We are a friendly group of families, children, and retirees.  We are located off of Hackmann Road just a short distance from Muegge Road.  We are fortunate to be centrally located to major highways, shopping, churches, schools (public and private), and Wapelhorst Park (we actually have a private walk path from our subdivision to the park).  We reside within the City of Saint Charles.  Our subdivision has a one-way entrance and exit.  Our homeowners association works hard to maintain and upkeep the subdivision.  Our assessment fees are low and are evaluated every year for need.  We have board meetings four times a year or as needed.  A general meeting is held in November for residents to view what we have accomplished in the past year. We notify our residents of all current expenses via newsletters and a final expense report is presented in the November general meeting.  Residents who have provided e-mail addresses receive additional inputs as needed.  Residents who do not have e-mail receive a paper copy of additional inputs as needed.

Please use this website to access all information, current and past. If you want more information, our board members’ contact link is located at the top of the page. If you would like to offer suggestions or comments, please send your email to the board president, Justin Berger.